Cheerful Spring Garden Discount Party Supplies and Ideas

With the merry chirping of birds and the return of daffodils, the undeniable return of spring might have you tempted to start racking your brain for garden discount party supplies and ideas. –And what better way could you welcome back the freshness and vitality of the spring season than to invite your friends and family over for a cheerful garden party? If you’ve never thrown a garden party before or if you’re simply starting to run out of ideas then feel free to have a look at the following garden discount party supplies and ideas to get you started! Although a garden party is essentially based outdoors you can still attach a wonderful theme to the occasion. If you and your friends enjoy gardening then you might theme your garden party “plant swap” and have all of your guests bring some lovely spring flowers or plants to trade. You could also do a cookie or dessert swap or use an arts and crafts theme. Think about the things that you and your friends like to do together and elaborate on that.Once you’ve decided on a theme for your party you will need to ask yourself whether you will be sending out invitations or simply making a phone call. If you’re going the traditional route then you should definitely send an invitation with an RSVP attached. A physical invitation also serves as a polite reminder to your guests so that they don’t forget or misunderstand the theme, date, or time. If you want to be a bit more modern with your invites then you might consider sending an e-invitation to each of your guests via e-mail or through a multimedia text message. If you have any special requests for your guests, like asking them to bring a plant for your “plant swap” theme, then you should definitely include this on the invitation!If you’ve never thrown a garden party before then you will be amazed at how much fun it can be to create and organize the décor for your tables.

Garden parties typically revolve around a nicely decorated table (or tables) where friends can socialize and enjoy food and drinks. Unlike the typical get together with friends, the sheer fact that you’re throwing a garden party allows you to be as elaborate and fancy with your decorations as you want! Don’t be afraid to use your great grandmother’s tea set or dust off the 12-person punch bowl set that you never get to use. A nice table cloth, pretty centerpieces, and even candles are great additions to any table set up.If you have the extra space outside then it might be a good idea to set up a buffet table for the snacks and drinks and leave a separate table(s) for dining. Let your guests help themselves to the food which they can take back to their spacious dining table. Besides, this will leave more room for a creative centerpiece to “wow” your friends! When it comes to garden discount party supplies and ideas, one of the most difficult aspects to decide on is how to decorate your garden for the event. If you have an abundant garden with plenty of flowers then you might not have to add much to the setting. It’s spring and there’s nothing more appropriate then being surrounded by lovely spring flowers! Old fashioned watering cans, pottery, and even milk bottles can be used as creative and inviting decorations for your garden party.If you’re going to hold the occasion at night then you can feel free to go a bit easier on the typical decorations and rely more on lighting. A twilight garden party can be so warm and welcoming with a few paper lanterns or strands of plain Christmas lights stretched overhead across the yard. You could even line the buffet table, deck, or walkway with twinkle lights. You could even weave flowers or lights along a trellis or lattice fence if you have them.If you aren’t looking for a lot of mess and hassle with keeping dishes warm then the best way to go would be to serve fruit and vegetable snacks and finger foods. The spring season tends to inspire us to eat a bit more naturally or healthy, so chopped fruit laid out on a pretty platter or in a large bowl can be very appetizing to your guests. A vegetable, cheese, and cracker tray with dipping sauce is another great option. For a creative flair you can use wooden skewers, a head of lettuce, and chopped fruit to fashion yourself an eye-catching fruit bouquet! Slide various pieces of fruit onto the skewers in a fashion that resembles flowers. Pineapples, strawberries, blueberries, cherries, grapes, cantaloupe, and honeydew work very well. Stick the skewers a few inches into the lettuce and surround the lettuce with a cloth or place it into a vase so that it looks like a genuine bouquet of flowers. As for drinks you could serve punch, tea, lemonade, mint julep, cocktails, or virtually any variety of chilled drink. It also never hurts to offer coffee, especially if you are expecting chilly weather.These are just a few garden discount party supplies and ideas to get you started. Spring is such a bright and invigorating season and there are so many fun ways that you can incorporate this feeling into your party!