Ricky Gervais – We Don’t Need A God

How hard is it to be good? Does it require divine guidance? Or is it possible for the average human to know what the good is? For example, it is downright easy for people to know that using a Straight Talk promo code from http://businessideasvideos.com/straight-talk-promo-code is good because they get quota-less minutes, quota-less text messages and no long-term agreement, all for just a rock-bottom month-to-month price.


But the main problem is not what everybody says it is. They always say it is knowing what the good is but that is not the case. It is how to tell the next person what the good is. It easy for every person to do the good when everybody agrees. But what happens when one person’s good disagrees with another person’s good?

Ricky Gervais does not need God to be good when he says, “We don’t need a God to be good and even if we did we haven’t got one.”, which verifies that he knows how to do the good without some book telling him what it is. He also knows to do the good without some threat of divine punishment.

Gervais also recognizes that Paul Ciancia does not need God to be good. Ciancia also knows how to do the good without some book telling him what it is. And Ciancia also knows to do the good without the threat of divine punishment.

In Ciancia’s case, he was glad that Gervais is right that there is no God. Because Ciancia may have done something wrong when he went on his murderous rampage at Los Angeles International Airport. May have.

But in all likelihood, Ciancia was convinced that he was doing the good by targeting TSA agents. Gervais may not agree with Ciancia’s definition of the good and he may not do it himself, but Gervais has to respect Ciancia’s definition just like he wants everyone including Ciancia to respect his definition.

Since there is no standard by which to judge everyone’s standards, everyone’s standards is correct. Ricky decides for himself and Paul decides for himself. Ricky does not decide for Paul and vice versa.

Thus, people’s standards can conflict and contradict but they are all correct. And that is the case. Since there is no God, there is no standard. There are only standards, one for each person.

But suppose Ciancia acknowledged that what he did was against his own standard? Suppose he was not living up to it? In the Ricky Gervais world, Ciancia is responsible only to himself. He is not responsible to God because there is no God.

And what will Ciancia do? He will forgive himself. He will let himself off the hook every time. Murder someone? He will not hold it against himself. Wound several people? Forgiven. Inconvenience 167,000 passengers? Forget about it.

Ciancia may have stumbled in doing the good but he will not punish himself for his shortcoming.

So what is the point of doing good? Why should Ciancia do the good? There is no punishment for doing the bad. This is the best system – do whatever you want and not suffer the consequences.

It is a good thing for Paul Ciancia that Ricky Gervais is correct that there is no God and no divine punishment for just about all of the crimes he committed. What a deal!

3 Methods To Discover A Reliable Toronto Colocation Host

As with many computer related services, there are plenty of questions out there about server colocation hosts. Toronto in particular is home to a growing number of these service providers and, for every great host, there are plenty who are taking advantage of people who don’t have the knowhow to make a properly informed decision. Most of the time, Toronto server colocation can get very technical and complicated very quickly and for those without Ph.D.s in Computer Science, these explanations can be way over our heads. But there are some simple methods to picking a great host provider that anyone can do. Here are 3 of them to help you make the right decision:

1. Talk to a Sales Rep

While sites like Kijiji and Craigslist are great for some things, including finding services and products you can’t find anywhere else, they are also a breeding ground for amateurs and con artists to pretend they are the real deal. Any colocation host that is confident in their service will have a team of sales reps that communicate that confidence to you, their client. Rather than go with someone you found on the internet, why not entrust this critical service to a company that takes their job seriously enough to convince you they know what they’re doing. Confident sales reps will show you exactly why they are the best fit and will do so in a professional manner. Your work and resources are precious, get someone who thinks so too.


2. Visit the Site

And by site, I mean the physical location, not their website (although, that’s important as well). You should not only check out the space yourself, but be encouraged to do so. Otherwise, you may discover you are paying for a service you could provide for yourself in your basement with a single trip to Home Hardware. Because many people don’t fully understand the service they are paying for, colocation service providers can get away with plenty of cost-cutting measures that will end up costing you time and money. Go and inspect their site before signing anything away. And if the host is resistant to you seeing the place, simply walk away. It’s probably because they don’t have much to show you.

3. Read the Fine Print

This last one is especially important. Many colocation providers use strange computer-speak technicalities to hype up their services. Just like a 32GB iPod can’t hold 32GB of music, many colocation providers offer stats and packages that simply don’t add up in the end. This is especially true for IP addresses. Most colocation packages will offer multiple IP addresses but there is a difference between IP addresses and usable IP addresses. Colocation providers will often offer multiple IP addresses but only within a certain IP range, making most of the claimed available addresses unusable. So you may be paying for 6 but only able to use 3. So investigate all the fine print of your contract to make sure you get the most out of your service provider.

A Toronto colocation host exists no matter what your needs and the best ones will treat you with the professionalism of any other service. Don’t get conned by people hiding behind technical jargon. Instead, use these methods to make sure you are getting what you pay for.

How To Choose The Best Hardwood Flooring Contractor

A house is a very precious possession to any homeowner. This is why most of them go out of their way to ensure that their houses are in the best condition possible. This is also why most people are willing to spend a fortune just to ensure that their homes are cozy and warm. Most people have turned to introducing timber to the interiors of their houses to make them more appealing. Reclaimed hardwood flooring has therefore gained a lot of popularity in the recent past.

The incorporation of timber into the design of a house is not an easy task and should be left in the hands of a professional. This means that apart from an expert with the required qualifications, you should not let any other person handle the installation. The expert should have the right knowledge to enable him make good designs and installations. If in doubt, you should ask to see the documents that support that claim.

It is also important that consider the knowledge of the contractor of the various kinds of timber. This is very important in this line of work. This is because different types of timber require different treatment and installation procedures. It is also important for the contractor to know how the different types of timber react with age. If not treated properly, the timber may twist, turn and bend making you interior rough and uneven.

It is also important to consider the experience of the contractor in this line of work. You can tell the experience of a contractor by the amount of time that the contractor has been working in the industry. The longer the period, the higher the experience and the more suitable the contractor is for the job. With experience comes efficiency and speed. This reduces the time needed for the job to get done and reduces wastage of materials.

With interior designing, the contractors work and perform their duties inside your house. This can be a cause of alarm to the homeowner especially if he does not trust the contractors. This is why it is recommendable to hire honest and trustworthy contractors. This eliminates the need of having to hire a supervisor which in turn reduces the cost of the whole design and installation process. This also gives the homeowner peace of mind.

The contractor you hire should also have a comprehensive insurance coverage. This is because in this line of work the risk of the timber getting damaged is very high. The risk of the contractors getting injured on the job is very real. With a valid insurance cover, then the costs of the damages and injuries are covered by the insurance company instead of the homeowner.

You should also consider the reputation of the contractors. This is very important because it gives you a rough idea on what kind of services to expect. You can tell the reputation of a contractor by interviewing their clients. You can also check online for photographs of their previous jobs before deciding who to hire.

After making all these considerations, you are assured quality services from the reclaimed hardwood flooring contractor. If you still have several candidates remaining then you can consider the pricing for their services. This should be the last consideration as it would be unwise to compromise on the quality of services on account of cost of the services.

Finding The Best Commercial Property Agents

Buying a business or commercial premises is an important decision, so you want to be sure you have a comprehensive picture of what you are buying and how much it will cost. A good commercial property agent is essential in helping you find the right business or property by understanding your needs, budget and the market.

Qualifications are important but experience more so. Your agent should be able to provide examples of past sales which should cover a broad range of properties and businesses, of various sizes in a variety of sectors. There may be other specialist knowledge that is relevant to the business sector, including laws regarding licensing or Government initiatives that may affect your decision to buy or sell. Your agent should be aware of these factors.

A good commercial property agent in Devon will have in depth knowledge of the South West. You will need to know the demographic and what potential customers there are and also who your competition is. If you are going to be moving to the area or living at your business premises, you need to know what shops, facilities and schools there are. Road access is an important consideration which can make a significant impact on the success of your business.

Knowledge and experience of the type of business you have for sale is essential, including keeping up to date with news about the current economic climate of the business sector. Most reputable commercial property agents in Devon will offer a free appraisal of your business and be committed to getting you the best possible price.

There have been many new and exciting advances in technology, especially mobile technology and social media recently, bringing new opportunities for marketing a business or property, and more instant ways of communicating opportunities and information to your clients such as texts alerts, bluetooth and apps. These advances mean consumers are more informed and web savvy these days. A good agency will be utilising all these resources.

With more transparency and information available, a different kind of commercial property agent is required. It is important to find someone you feel comfortable with, who you have good rapport with – an open, honest agent who dispenses with the sales patter and is committed to you. They should have manageable caseloads so they are committed to you and treat you like an individual rather than just one client among a bloated caseload.

Lastly, look up websites for commercial property agents as they should give you a good indication of the sort of company they are and what their ethos is. It should be up to date, clear, informative, and easy to navigate. It should indicate what social media or other marketing and communication tools they will use to promote your property and bring opportunities to your attention such as emails or text alerts. It is a great first indicator before you arrange a meeting.

Factors To Consider When Choosing Hot Tubs

Therapeutic benefits of warm jetted hot tub water are well known. Hydrotherapy helps relax exhausted and aching muscles and also improve mobility. This also increases blood flow and assist respiration. It is therefore important to choose a spa that will help you accrue all these benefits. When searching for the right hot tubs, homeowners can look locally or online.

Choosing the right spa is not that easy. This is because there are so many different models of spas on the market and thus choosing the best can be daunting. If you are looking for a spa, consider buying one that is going to offer you all the benefits you want. Explored in this article are tips for choosing the best hot tub.

First of all, you should consider the place where you are going to place your hot tub. Many people put hot tubs outside their houses, especially on patios. If you are planning to buy an outdoor spa, make sure that you place it on a concrete that has a thickness of 4 inches. If you are going to place it inside the house, make sure there is adequate ventilation.

The source of power that is going to be used by your spa is another great factor to consider. The spa can either use electrical power or natural gas. If there is electricity in your home, consider buying one that can utilize electrical power. Make sure the electrical power has reached 220 volts. A qualified electrician is needed to do the connection. The natural gas can also be used to run a spa.

Check to see that all the extra components of a spa are available. These may include an electric or gas heater that keeps water at desired temperature and a pump for circulating water through filtration system. The tub itself is made of vacuum-formed thermoplastic or acrylic. Choose from a wide range of colors and finishes available on the market.

The other factor to look at is the cost. Spas are sold at different prices on the market. The simplest one can accommodate a maximum of 5 people and is cheap and affordable. There are also advanced ones that have dozens of jets and they are costly. Draft your budget well before you go to the market to purchase your spa. Always stick to your budget.

You want a professional to come and install the spa for you. Some of these hot tubs are complicated to handle. Do not attempt to do the installation yourself. It is better to buy from dealers who offer free installation services. If your dealer does not offer these after sales services, consider hiring a specialist to install the tub at a small fee.

A spa need to be maintained well. Note that some biological substances such as sweat, body oils, hair, and many others are left in water after visiting a spa. The maintenance should be done at least once every week. Consider hiring a professional to check the condition of your spa. For the best hot tubs Portland residents can search locally or online.

Concrete Repair To Fix Many Types Of Structures

The specialists of concrete repair often have the ability to fix up all sorts of structures. These items may be walls, curbs, pillars, or otherwise. Such experts may be the solution that you need for repairing both cracks and holes. There are generally different materials and methods that may be used for these tasks. There might be a number of tools that are required. The professionals assess this and choose the most suitable products and methods for the job. When you are discussing these things with the contractors, they can tell you this information as well as how long they will need to complete the work.

Such a material like concrete can be used to create many types of items. The substance may be utilized for pillars, walls, curbs, and much more. Statues are often made from the material as well. Over time, especially if the structures are exposed to the weather, holes or cracks tend to form.

When you hire these experts for the work, these people will come to the site and see what type of work is needed. The experts can figure out what kinds of materials and tools are required to complete the task. There may be alternatives in terms of methods and materials. You may discuss these aspects with the professionals during the talks.

It is possible to find different materials for these required repairs. Companies often make a variety of the concrete mixtures or fillers to ensure that they can cater to various needs. The professionals understand the differences between the materials and have the ability to select the most appropriate ones.

If you are interested, you can ask the experts about these materials and how they are utilized to fix the problems. In most cases, these individuals are accommodating in such a way. They may explain the procedure plus other details relevant to the job.

It can be a good idea to ask how much the work will cost. Most contractors will offer you a quote along with a breakdown of these costs. You may want to see what type of payment methods the contractors will accept. Many of the professionals offer different options.

It might be important to find out how long it will take the contractors to complete the work. There might be a number of factors that determine this aspect. Such factors might include the complexity of the project plus others.

The professionals involved in concrete repair often have the talent to fix a number of structures such as walls, pillars, curbs, and more. These people may even do repairs to various kinds of statues. When you need this type of work done, you can talk to the professionals to see how they can help you. While talking to the experts, you may want to tell them what you want to have completed and as how they will do this work. There might be other details to discuss such as how much the work will cost and how long it will take the professionals to complete the task.