Best of What You Can Be with Digital Transcription

When I was a fresh graduate, few nursing employment was available that I tried to find alternatives which will produce good income. Looking at the weekly news, digital transcription course boomed in Baguio City and I was curious how it will benefit employers locally and internationally. I tried to enroll 3 years ago at Digital Transcription Center Academy at assumption road but the enrollment fee was expensive. So I decided to work first and save a portion of my income for enrollment because I know that being a transcriptionist is an investment and an opportunity to maximize my skill in using computers and at the same time apply my knowledge as a nurse.

Continuity to enhance skills and knowledge is continuous. Earning an extra income would be of good help in order to sustain my studies in Saint Louis University taking Masters Degree in Nursing. I always want to move forward with my work by improving my knowledge and skills. In my Masters Degree, I go to school once a week reporting topics which is assigned to us such as End Stage Renal Disease. These kinds of learning strategy gave me more background on how to manage patients.

I have a lot of friends who maximize their internet through online business such as E-bay. Others apply on call centers and earn a good salary. There may be a lot of opportunities the internet can offer but I want to enter digital transcription training because I can use my knowledge in this field of work. I hear a lot of good opportunities offered through internet reviews, newspaper advertisements. When I found out about this scholarship program, I said to myself that this may be an opportunity for me to enroll and save. This scholarship program pushed me to pursue what I really wanted to do 3 years ago when I was so aggressive to learn and experience online job which requires my knowledge in the medical field. Digital transcription is an online job which open doors to a lot of opportunities such as working overseas, working at home, working on vacation, working everywhere. With flexible working hours, learning while working, having interaction with different doctors, by learning about their diagnosis, what they do and how they manage patients. This will not be a hard job for me since I work in a hospital with different types of doctors.

I plan to work abroad as a nurse and as a transcriptionist part time. Since I have plans to tour the world, digital transcription jobs is an opportunity to bring my work anywhere I am. I want to see the best of what the world can offer. 5 years from now I am a nurse caring for patients in the morning and a transcriptionist attending to what the doctors need. During weekends, Holidays, and off duty I am an adventurer taking pictures with my friends at Paris, Hongkong, Indonesia, Las Vegas, and a lot more. I have a lot of dreams and know I will work hard to achieve them.